Last Update: July 2024

(833) 836-0948

Entities Notified

The following individuals and entities have been notified of the conditions at Coalinga State Hospital.  Concerned Citizens want to thank all those for doing what they can to resolve the problems that exist at the facility.  

Coalinga State Hospital Report


Governor's Office

Jerry Brown, Governor
Nancy McFadden, Chief of Staff
Adrian, Executive Assistant

California State Assembly

Dante Acosta, Assembly District 38
David, Creager, Chief of Staff

Cecilia M. Aguilar-Curry, Assembly District 04 
Angela Pontes, Chief of Staff

Travis Allen, State Assembly District 72
Stephanie Freedman, Chief of Staff

Joaquin Arambula, Assembly District 31
Hans Hemann, Chief of Staff

Catharine B. Baker, Assembly District 16
Erin Donnette, Chief of Staff

Marc Berman, Assembly District 24
Harry Ermoian, Chief of Staff

Frank Bigelow, Assembly District 05
Katie Masingale, Chief of Staff

Richard Bloom, Assembly District 50
Sean Macneil, Chief of Staff

Raul Bocanegra, Assembly District 39
Luis Sanchez, Chief of Staff

Rob Bonta, Assembly District 18
Evan Corder, Chief of Staff

William P Brough, Assembly District 73
Jeff Montejano, Chief of Staff

Autumn R. Burke, Assembly District 62
Luis Quinonez, Chief of Staff

Anna M. Caballero, Assembly District 30
Reginald Fair, Chief of Staff

Ian C. Calderon, Assembly District 57
Tom White, Chief of Staff

Sabrina Cervantes, Assembly District 60
Cesar Anda, Chief of Staff

Ed Chau, Assembly District 49
Edmundo Cuevas, Chief of Staff

Rocky Chavez, Assembly District 76
Michael hadland, Chief of Staff

Phillip Chen, Assembly District 55
Ali Navid, Chief of Staff

David Chiu, Assembly District 17
Judson True, Chief of Staff

Steven S. Choi, Assembly District 68
Dave Louden, Chief of Staff

Kansen Chu, Assembly District 25
John Nam, Chief of Staff

Ken Cooley, Assembly District 08
 Jillena Hernandez, Chief of Staff

 Jim Cooper, Assembly District 09
Lisa Ramer, Chief of Staff

Jordan Cunningham, Assembly District 35
Christopher Finarelli, Chief of Staff

Matthew Dababneh, Assembly District 45
Kathleen O'malley, Chief of Staff

Brian Dahle, Assembly District 01
Joshua Cook, Chief of Staff

Tom Daly, Assembly District 69
Rodney Wilson, Chief of Staff

Susan Talamantes Eggman, Assembly Distrist 13
David Stammerjohan, Chief of Staff

Heath Flora, Assembly District 12
Dylan Guy, Chief of Staff

Vince Fong, Assembly District 34
Sam Chung, Chief of Staff

Jim Frazier, Assembly District 11
Jennifer Barton, Chief of Staff

Laura Friedman, Assembly District 43
Allison Ruff, Chief of Staff

James Gallagher, Assembly District 03
Curtis Grima, Chief of Staff

Christina Garcia, Assembly District 58
Ashley Labar, Chief of Staff
Erinn Ryberg, Legislative Aide

Eduardo Garcia, Assembly District 56
Carlos Gonzalez, Chief of Staff

Mike A Gipson, Assembly District 64
Jay Jefferson, Legislative Aide

Todd Gloria, Assembly District 78
Eduardo Martinez, Chief of Staff

Jimmy Gomez, Assembly District 51
Freddie Quintana, Chief of Staff

 Lorena S. Gonzalez Fletcher, Assembly District 80
Evan Mclaughlin, Chief of Staff

Adam C. Gray, Assembly District 21
Megan Belair, Chief of Staff

Timothy S. Grayson, Assembly District 14
Matthew Powers, Chief of Staff

Matthew Harper, Assembly District 74
Patricia Taylor, Chief of Staff

Chris R. Holden, Assembly District 41
Robin Lewis-Coaxum, Chief of Staff

 Jacqui Irwin, Assembly District 44
Susanna Schlendorf, Chief of Staff

Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer, Sr., Assembly District 59
Cori Ayala, Chief of Staff

Ash Kalra, Assembly District 27
Chris Reefe, Chief of Staff

Kevin Kiley, Assembly District 06
William Kolkey, Chief of Staff

Tom Lackey, Assembly District 36
Tim Townsend, Chief of Staff

Marc Levine, Assembly District 10
Minnie Santillan Chief of Staff

Monique Limon, Assembly District 37
Bryn Sullivan, Chief of Staff

Evan Low, Assembly District 28
Gina Frisby, Chief of Staff

 Brian Maienschein, Assembly District 77
Lance Witmondt, Chief of Staff

Devon Mathis, Assembly District 26
Justin Turner, Chief of Staff

Chad Mayes, Assembly District 42
Joe Justin, Chief of Staff

 Kevin McCarty, Assembly District 07
Terry Schanz, Chief of Staff

Jose Medina, Assembly District 61
Erica Costa, Chief of Staff

Melissa A. Melendez, Assembly District 67
Sam Spencer, Chief of Staff

Kevin Mullin, Assembly District 22
Hugh Bower, Chief of Staff

Al Muratsuchi, Assembly District 66
Arwen Chenery, Chief of Staff

Adrin Nazarian, Assembly District 46
Daniel Savage, Chief of Staff

Jay Obernolte, Assembly District 33
Teresa Trujillo, Chief of Staff

Patrick O' Donnell, Assembly District 70
Sophina Kwong-Kim, Chief of Staff

Jim Patterson, Assembly District 23
Christina Nelson, Chief of Staff

Bill Quirk, Assembly District 20
Tomasa Duenas, Chief of Staff

 SharonQuirk-Silva, Assembly District 65
John Scribner, Chief of Staff

Anthony Rendon, Assembly District 63
Carrie Cornwell, Chief of Staff

Eloise Gomez Reyes, Assembly District 47
Mark Farouk, Chief of Staff

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, Assembly District 54
Darryl Lucien, Chief of Staff

Freddie Rodriguez, Assembly District 52
Lourdes Jimenez, Chief of Staff

Blanca Rubio, Assembly District 48
Christina Romero, Chief of Staff

Rudy Salsa Jr., Assembly District 32
Yolanda Sandoval, Chief of Staff

Miguel Santiago, Assembly District 53
Jackie Koenig, Chief of Staff

Marc Stone, Assembly District 29
Rebecca Marcus, Chief of Staff

Tony Thurmond, Assembly District 15
Jay Messenger, Chief of Staff

Phillip Y. Ting, Assembly District 19
Anthony Matthews, Chief of Staff

Randy Voepel, Assembly District 71
Mason Herron, Chief of Staff

Marie Waldron, Assembly District 75
Jayne Chick, Chief of Staff

Shirley N. Weber, Assembly District 79
Lisa Martin, Chief of Staff

Jim Wood, Assembly District 02
Liz Snow, Chief of Staff

California State Senate

Benjamin Allen, Senate District 26
Colleen Beamish, Chief of Staff

Joel Anderson, Senate District 38
Collin Mcglashen, Chief of Staff

Toni G. Atkins, Senate District 39
Nick Hardman, Chief of Staff

Patiricia C. Bates, Senate District 36
Kevin Bassett, Chief of Staff

Jim Beall, Senate District 15
Sunshine Borelli, Chief of Staff

Tom Berryhill, Senate District 08
Matthew Gallagher, Chief of Staff

Steven Bradford, Senate District 35
Sue Katley, Chief of Staff

Anthony Cannella, Senate District 12
Jeff Macedo, Chief of Staff

Kevin Deleon, Senate District 24
Dan Reeves, Chief of Staff

Bill Dodd, Senata District 03
Ezrah Chaaban, Chief of Staff

Jean Fuller, Senate District 16
Dana Brennan, Chief of Staff

Ted Gaines, Senate District 01

Cathleen Galgiani, Senate District 05
Bob Alvarez, Chief of Staff

Steven M. Glazer, Senate District 07
Daniel Weintraub, Chief of Staff

Ed Hernandez, Senata District 22
Rob Charles, Chief of Staff

Robert M. Hertzberg, Senate District 18
Michael Bedard, Chief of Staff

Jerry Hill, Senate District 13
Nate Solov, Chief of Staff

Ben Hueso, Senate District 40
Ana Molina, Chief of Staff

Hana-beth Jackson, Senate District 19
Lisa Gardiner, Chief of Staff

Ricardo Lara, Senate District 33
Megan Baier, Chief of Staff

Connie M. Leyva, Senate District 20
Cameron Urkofsky, Chief of Staff

Mike McGuire, Senate District 02
Jason Liles, Chief of Staff

Tony Mendoza, Senate District 32
Ana Perez, Chief of Staff

Holly Mitchell, Senate District 30
Tiffani Alvidrez, Chief of Staff

Bill Monning, Senate District 17
Jody Fuji, Chief of Staff

John W. Moorlach, Senate District 37
 Lance Christensen, Chief of Staff

Mike Morrell, Senate District 23
Mike Timmerman, Chief of Staff

Josh Newman, Senate District 29
Don Wilcox, Chief of Staff

Janet Nguyen, Senate District 34
Mark Reeder, Chief of Staff

Jim Nielsen, Senate District 04
David Reade, Chief of Staff

Richard Pan, Senate District 06
Darin Walsh, Chief of Staff

Anthony J. Portantino, Senate District 25
Brendan Hughes, Chief of Staff

Richard Roth, Senate District 31
Elise Gyore, Chief of Staff

Nancy Skinner, Senate District 09
Marvin Deon, Chief of Staff

Henry Stern, Senate District 27
Alicia Isaacs, Chief of Staff

Jeff Stone, Senate District 28
Chris Wysocki, Chief of Staff

Andy Vidak, Senate District 14
Jim Kjol, Chief of Staff

Bob Wieckowski, Senate District 10
Derek Chernow, Chief of Staff

Scott Wiener, Senate District 11
Krista Pferrerkorn, Chief of Staff

Scott Wilk, Senate District 21
Curtis Raulinaitis, Chief of Staff

California Health & Human Services

Diana Dooley, Director
Nate Mitchell, Manager
Ken Baird, Office of Law Enforcement Support
Richard Nadeau, Office of Law Enforcement Support
James Demmitt, Office of Law Enforcement Support

California Legislative Analysts Office

Drew Soderborg
Anthony Symbol

Fresno County Officials

Hon. Kimberly Gaab, Chief Judge
Hon. Jonathan Conklin, Presiding Judge
Hon. Kent Hamlin, Judge
Hon. Arlan Harrell, Judge
Jerry Dyer, Police Chief
Lisa Smittcamp, District Attorney
Public Integrity Unit, District Attorneys Office
Margaret Mims, Sheriff
Cherith Drescher, Public Defenders Office
Robert Navarro, CA Appellate Project

City of Coalinga Officials

Michael Salvador, Police Chief
Cal Minor, Police Chief (former)
Betty Tompkins, Assistant to Police Chief
L. Rosalas, Coalinga Police Officer
Mary Lerner, Attorney - City of Coalinga

Federal Judges

Hon. Terry J. Hatter, Central Dist / California
Hon. Robert J. Tillman, Central Dist California
Hon. Manuel L. Real, Central Dist / California

U.S. Federal Government

Janet Chicone, USDOJ
Michael Songer, USDOJ
Kenneth Middlton U.S. Counter Terrorism Unit
Jana Brooks, USDOJ
Jeff Moran, USDOJ
FBI Office, Fresno
FBI Office, San Francisco

U.S. Representatives

Diane Feinstein
Kamila Harris

CA Department of Corrections

Scott Kernan, Corrections Secretary
Scott Frauenheim, Warden - PVSP
Lieutenant Woodand - PVSP Transportation
Richard - CDCR Press Office
Erin - CDCR Correctional Safety Division
Lieutenant Catherine Cruz - PVSP , PIO

CA Attorney General Office

Javier Becerra
Reyza Martinez

CA State Auditor

Elaine Howe

Local Businesses
Profiting From Coalinga
State Hospital

Harris Ranch
Save Mart
Me & Ed's Pizza
Dollar Store
Mountain Oyster
Taco Bell
Perkos Cafe
RN Market
Pit Stop
EZ Stop
Cool Mart
Family Discount
Coalinga Market
Fat Alberts
Dell Inc.
Direct TV
Motel 6


Simon Wiesenthal Foundation
First Baptist Church, Fresno (Manny Colazo)
Encounter Church, Clovis (Joe Basile)
Pleasant Valley Christian Center
Word of Faith, Coalinga
St Pauls Cathedral, Coalinga
Faith Fellowship, Coalinga
7th Day Adventist, Coalinga
Lighthouse, Coalinga
First Southern Baptist, Coalinga
Metro Ministry, Fresno
St Anthony's, Fresno
Ca Southern Baptist Convention
Bethel Temple Christian Ctr, Fresno
Glide Foundation Board of Trustee's
John Harden, Franciscans, Fresno
Rabbi Ted Ryder, San Drancisco
Love Inc., Fresno
Glad Tidings, San Francisco
Shalom Jewish, San Francisco
Hope Lutheran, Fresno
Diocise of Fresno - Bishop Armando Ochoa
St Josephs Cathedral, Avenal
First Baptist Church, Avenal

Citizen Notifications
State & Federal Legislative Bodies

Monterey & Fresno

Mauro Amador, PhD
John Aultenta
John Paul Beaudoin, PhD
Stephen Randolph Berlin, PhD
Thos R Bishop, PhD
Virdette L Brumm, PhD
Diana Case, PhD
Trent Cornell, PhD
E Finnberg, PhD
Carrie Forrest, PhD
Mary Jane Huss-Gonzalez, PhD
Wayne Hirsh, PhD
Carol Lark, PhD
Sharon Laurenza, EDD
Elizabeth Lee, PsyD
Lotte Marcus, PhD
Jean A Moore, PhD
James Moran, PhD
Krista Poulsen-Soria, PhD
Thomas Reidy, PhD
David Reikowski, PhD
Daniel Robbins, PhD
Victoria Singer, PhD
Charlotte Sky, PhD
Richard Vieille, PhD
Mary Sue Abernethy, RD MFT
Barbera Berg, LCSW
Andrew Butler, 
Stephanie Chastain, MA MFT
Ronda Copeland, MFT
Carrie Forrest
Deborah Wilday
Kimberly Drinker
Timothy Franklin, D MFT
Priscilla Gilbertson, Phd MFT
Jane Gingerich, LCSW
Tai Kang, MA LMFT
Denise Kesten, E MSW LCSW
Karuna Licht, MFT
Judy Masliyah, MA MFT
Julie McClung, LMFT CADC-II
Mary Pacey, LCSW
Lois R Panziera, MA LMFT
Constance Peirsol, PsyD MFT
Annmarie Rose, MFT
Marcia Simmons
Lynne White-Dixon, LCSW
Osama A Abulseoud, MD
Randall L Black, MD
Dale K Buche, MD
Paul R Francisco, MD
Neil A Smith, MD
David P Soskin, MD
Oriana P Vesga Lopez, MD
Gilbert J Villela, MD
Nancy Doi, PhD
Steve German, CPA
Julie Nicole, MD
Tejinder Sandhu, MD
Allison Alvitre
Christine Gromis
Cherry Englert
Judy Rangel-Ramos
Julie Caglia
Brian Hertel
Marilyn Sikora
Shannon Williams
Teri Allyn
Lanella Hare
Lin Terrana
Larry Duba
Gary Smith
Jeri Kren
Leon Gann
John Hayes
Richard Ransom
Barbara Pierpont
Matthew Ostdiek
Connie Wilson
James Coleman
Diane Bronze
Sandy Duncan
Dan & Nancy Hawkins
Ron Pottoroff
Nancy Vartanian
Lorna A Milligan
Sandi Killigan
Jasmine Ngyuen
Terry Bennett
Rex Spaith
Carey M Norton
Monica Stevens
Janessa Tyler
Dani Villalobos
Martin Gonzeles
Christine Gonzales
Christine Gromis
Mary Lou Pease
Art Hub
William Cardinal
Sarah Parkes
Dan Croteau
Bethany Clough
Robert Rodriguez
Simonian Farms, Fresno
Sumner Peck Ranch, Fresno
Engelman Cellars, Fresno
Kings River Winery, Fresno,
Lomac Winery, Fresno
Logans Roadhouse, Fresno
Moravia Wines, Fresno
Papagani Wines, Fresno
A Nonini Winery, Fresno
Amigos, Fresno
Bonhia Lee
Lewis Griswold
Brianna Calix



Fashion Furniture
Kingston Bay
Eye Q, Fresno
Palm Village
Reverse Mortgage
Masten Towers
Twilight Haven
Santerra Clovis
Gill Auto Group
Bluewater Marketing
Elite Canvasing
Senor Aji Peruvian Bistro
The Downtown Club
Chuck's BBQ Catering
Mediterranean To Go
Kenji's Teriyaki Grill
Standard Sweets & Spices
Sunnyside Diner
Hye Kebobs & Catering
Sam's Italian Deli & Market
Chicago's Pizza With A Twist
Sunnyside Delicatessen
Chef Paul's Cafe
Nho Cafe
Rocket Dog Gourmet Brats & Brew
The Gastro Grill Mobile Food Truck
Colorado Grill
Weekend Dreams Burgers & Grill
Green Papaya Mart & Deli
Caspian Grill
Zamora Taqueria
Mediterranean Grill & Cafe
Geno's Sandwiches & Salads
The Patio Cafe
Susan Deli and Drinking Center
Apna Bazar
Raw Fresno
Berlin Street Grill
Ark Mediterranean Grill
Churrasco Grill
The Annex Kitchen
Doy Grill
Bon Gout Gelato Lounge
Mike's Grill
The Curry Pizza Company
Brown Bear's Hot Dogs
Teazer World Tea Market
Red Apple Cafe
Elbasha Mediterranean Grill
Buffalo Ranch Wings & Things
Noah's Ark Restaurant and Bakery
Dog House Grill
La Empanada Buen Provecho
George's Bar & Grill
El Premio Mayor
Kan Zaman Grill & Hookah Lounge
Sabaidee Thai Lao Cuisine
Phoenician Garden Mediterranean
Sabor Mexican Bar & Bistro
The Fire Pit
Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant
Edward A Crossman, MFT
The Therapy Center
Esther Qasem, MS, MFTI
Jane Amling-Heiken, PsyD, LMFT, RN
Michael F Themins, LCSW
Edwyn W Ortiz-Nance, PsyD, MAOB
Karen Huckaby, MA, MFTI
Tejal Patel, MS, LMFT
Livewell Behavioral Counseling Center
Susan K Gravette, MS, LMFT
Lori Pollard, LMFT
Susan Amador, LMFT
Nicole R (Harder) Luk, PhD
Tonya Gill, MS, LMFT, NCC
Kristi Christensen, LCSW
JUdith M Casas, PsyD, LMFT
Cynthia Callaghan, LCSW
Ken D Janzen, LMFT
Patrick Neely, MS, LMFT
Toni M Onkka, LCSW
Alexia Baca Morgan, PhD
David W Johnson, LMFT
Kimberly Ophelia Herrera, MS IMFT
Yuleen Al-Saoudi, LMFT
Denise Dritsas, PsyD
Rebecca Gomez, LMFT
James W McDonald, LCSW, LMFT
Danielle Biggs, PhD
Tracee Phanco, MS, LMFT
Russell Vance Jensen, MA, EdM, LMFT
D. Tim Lewis, PsyD
Brian Stillwell, MFT
Michael A Manghera, LCSW
Tammy Lee Anderson, MS, LMFT
Valente Orozco, LCSW, RPT-S, PPS
Autumn Lindberg, LMFT
Danielle Duran, MA
Joanne Lai, MA, MS, MFTI, PCCI
Kimberly M. Jones
Dr. Soliman, PhD
Kathy Marie Sullivan, PhD, ABPP
Angela 'Angie' A Mendez, LMFT
Paulette M Alvarez, PsyD
Lynn Lirette, LCSW, BCD
Shawna Marie Acunia, MS MFTI



CRU Wine Company
Vista Ranch & Cellars
San Joaquin Wine Co.
Gallo E & J
Gallo Vineyards Inc.
Mount Bullion Vineyard
LJ Farms
Canandaigua Wine Co.
The Hair Show
The Strand
Pro Spa Salon
Mr. & Mrs. Fashions
Salon Di Capelli
Tino's Hair Styling
Great Clips
Hair Design By Carol
Hairdresser's Etc.
Regi's Salon
Hair By Maria Marquez
Mair By Maria Mora
Blades Hair Salon
Holy Cottrel
Best Cuts
JC Penney
Vanity Rose Salon
Main St Girlz Salon
Hair Studio One
Irma's Hair Styling
Martha Souza
Harley - Hair Stylist
Krista - Hair Stylist
Jamie - Hair Stylist
Becky - Hair Stylist
Andrev Laser Aesthetics
Hair Waves
Fluetsch & Busby
Leap, Cappenter, Kemps, Ins.
Barlocker Ins.
Justi Smith, State Farm Ins.
Peter Padilla, State Farm Ins.
Torrey Moe, State Farm Ins.
Peggy Biddison, State Farm Ins.
Leap, Carpenter, Kemps, Ins.
Chuck Meyer, Ins.
Rick Eason, Ins.
Robert Flores, Farmers Ins.
Executive Edge, Ins.
Villegas, Ins.
Jinhai Fu, Allstate Ins.
New York Life Ins.
Vitata Ins.
Grange Ins.
Aflac Ins.
Wise Ins.
Miguel Soto
Napoleon Washington Jr., Ins.
New Horizon Ins., Svcs.
Hildreth Bebe
Cost-U-Less, Ins.
Victor Coronado
State Farm Ins.
Tara Davis, State Farm Ins.
Roger Bronelle
Joe G. Bronelle
Andrea Brandt
Central Valley Crop Ins.
Kingsburg Insurance Agency
Mainline Insurance
Fiesta Auto Ins.
A. Family Urgent Care
Andrew Newfeld, PhD
Kathryn A Bourke, PhD
Stanley J Bunce, PhD
Phillip Morton Hamm, PhD
Alice Liang
Ada Morrow, PsyD
M. Daisy Ilano MD
Russel Adelson
Michel Ross
Genni Bigachi, MFTI
Wendela Marsh
Bradford Health
Vivane Carson
New China Cafe
Kings Asian
String's Italian Cafe
La Morenita
De Angelo's
Paul's Place
Hibachi Grill
Bankok Thai

San Diego

Wateridge, Ins.
Beacon, Ins.
Bruce Hofbauer, State Farm, Ins.
Rob Robinson, State Farm, Ins.
Mike Mancini, State Farm, Ins.
Duane Werner, State Farm, Ins.
Lazaro Neto, State Farm, Ins.
Lori Long, State Farm, Ins.
Lisa Keith, State Farm, Ins.
Tony Gormican, State Farm, Ins.
Matt Kalla, State Farm, Ins.
Brad Sund, State Farm, Ins.
Ashton Ellis, State Farm, Ins.
Theresa Nguyen Muth, State Farm, Ins.
Bob Francy, State Farm, Ins.
Coleman Meshack, State Farm, Ins.
Bill Paxton, State Farm, Ins.
Bob Thelen, State Farm, Ins.
Andrew Mekhall, State farm, Ins.
R J Blake, State Farm, Ins.
Juan Carlos Hernandez, State Farm, Ins.
Daniel King, State Farm, Ins.
Deryk Inn, State Farm, Ins.
Walt Rouleau, State Farm, Ins.
Brandon Loo, State Farm, Ins.
Kevin Kane, State Farm, Ins.
Mike Morrell, State Farm, Ins.
Mike Foley, State Farm, Ins.
Sun Won Sohn, State Farm, Ins.
David Hiser, State Farm, Ins.
Bernardo Winery
California Fruit Wine
Roses Tasting Room
Bitter Brothers Brewing
Baja Vino
Council Brewing Company
San Pasqual Winery
Central Wines
3rd Bottle Wines
Barrio Logan Winery
100 Wines Kitchen
Vinavanti Urban Winery
Hess Brewing
Hacienda De Las Rosas Winery
Elixirs Du Monde
The Vine
Baja Winery Tours
Montesquieu Winery
Kilkenny Wine Grp
W G Best Weinkellerei
Vinavannii Wines
Koi Zen Cellars
Abnormal Company
San Diego Cellars
Prp Wines
Fifth Avenue Limousine
2Plank Vineyards
Absolute Real Estate
Rowland Realty
GLR Inc.
Point Loma Real Estate
Asset Property Management
Calsur Property Management
Scottway Capital
Timeshare Coastal Resales
Urban Home & Investments
Ernesto Fortuna Real Estate
Coldwell Banker
Zip Realty
 Phoenix Realty
 Eric Elgado Real Estate
San Diego Investment Real Estate
Robert Team Realty
Country Land Realty
Country Land Realty
San Diego Realty Group
Sell My Home
Eastdil Secured
Century 21
Southcoast Realty
ARG Abbott Realty
Cushman & Wakefield
Sun Heritage Real Estate
Pacifical Realty Group
Dr. Lori Futterman
Leslie Scher Miller, PhD
Robert J Fox, PhD
Kimberly Fara Corbett, PsyD
Lighthouse Psycholigical Services
Linda Altes, PhD
Arthur J Farkas, PhD
Jeffrey Zook, PhD
Virtural Reality Med Ctr.
True Nature Healing
Mauhill Kenna Mana
 Erik Essington
Toni Galace
Bernnadine Johnson
Stephanie Byrd
Kristie Byrd
Christie Bernet
New Mindful Life
Janet D Price
Jeanne M Henry, PhD
Jonette Lemos, PhD
Ryan G McDonald, MA
Gordon M Ziberman
William Michael Hunt, PhD
Lea Michele Lafield
Eileen Delaney, PhD
Yoshinori Sato
Ramsey R Khouri, PsyD
Soortsmens Seafoods
El Indio Mexican Restaurant
Be Fresh Restaurant
Humphreys Restaurant
Blue Wave Bar & Grill
Olive Garden
Nati's Mexican Restaurant
La Fluente Mexican Food
Tropical Star
Red LObster
 Sitar Indian Cuisine
Anthony's Fish Grotto
Soleil @K
On The Border
The Butcher Shop
94th Aero Squadron
Athen's Market Cafe
Phil's BBQ
World Famous
Mimi's Cafe
The Broken Yolk Cafe
Firehouse American Eatery
Baci Restaurant
Joe's Crab Shack
Carver's Steak & Chops
Luigi's At The Beach
The Mission Restaurant
Uno Chicago Grill
Suzanne Simpson, PhD
Denise Zimmermon, PhD
Peter Lambrou, PhD
Nancy Greene, PhD
Clark Clipson, PhD
Carolyn Hudson, PhD
Gaylia Dianne Brown, PhD
Linda Vista Health Care
Mid City Community Clinic
Sally Leboy, MFT
Dr. Charles Nelson
David & Louise Green, PhD's
William J Dees
Mary J Dees
Mary McGinn Clark
Shelley Chernoff Kramer, PhD
John Penna, PhD
Joanne E Callan, PhD
Pacific Psycholigical Assoc
 Richard B Dicker, PhD
Novata Behavioral Health
New Life Hypnosis
Jason Del Campo
Lisa Arne, PhD
Dorian L Polson
Ellen Beth Margolis, PhD
Elizabeth Lashore
Carolyn E Hudson, PhD
Dr. Darlene P Hoyt, Inc.
Lewis S Ribner, PhD
Mark Katz, PhD

Santa Rosa

De Loach Vineyards
Trecini Cellars
D' Argenzio Winery
Kendall Jackson Winery
 St Francis Winery & Vineyards
Benovia Winery
Adler Fels Winery
Paradise Ridge
750 Wines
Ledson Winery
Wattle Creek Winery
Sonoma Estate Vinters
Matanzas Creek Winery
Rincon Valley Tap Room
Robert Hunter Winery
Allen Estate Wines
Dunah Vineyard Winery
Lost Canyon Winery
122 West Winery
Sheldon Wines
B Cellars Napa Valley Blends
 Sunce Winery
Calstar Cellars
Carlisle Winery & Vineyards
Walter Hansel Winery
AW Direct
 Novy Family Wines
Wine Hooligans
Stephen Vincent Wines
Wine Spectrum
Paul L Erickson
Key Properties
Marcley Realty
Century 21
Bertolone Realty
The Sampson Grp
Levy & Associates
Coleen Falconer
Keller Williams Realty
Repair Wizards
Prosper Realty
Bay Area Real Estate Info Ctr.
Debbie Pannell Hegardt
Mary Miller, Century 21
Sonoma Fine Homes
Pura Vida Sober Living Homes
Leisure Living Enterprises
P&M New Frontiers
Edison Street Properties
Donohue Co.
The Agency Real Estate Grp.
Meridian Realty
Denise Chaparteguy Realty
Rogers Jerpbak Realty
Vista Realty
Angel Fowler, State Farm Ins.
Joe Ruppe, State Farm Ins.
Katherine Wong, State Farm Ins.
Barb Amick, State Farm Ins.
Joy Walp, State Farm Ins.
Carolyn Pollard, State Farm Ins.
Christine Cline, State Farm Ins.
Sam Martinez, State Farm Ins.
Eddie Sandoval, State Farm Ins.
Brian Rickerson, State Farm Ins.
Ron Hosack, State Farm Ins.
Kathy Crim, State Farm Ins.
Gary Senneff, State Farm Ins.
Kitty Uhrish, State Farm Ins.
Kiddoo Insurance Agency
Alan Berman, CFP
Barber Insurance Agency, Inc.
Debi Fitzgerald, Allstate
Lehr Insurance Agency, Inc.
Acceptance Insurance
Jettus Memmer, Allstate
Charles Wong
Mark Scheuer
Donald W Hosack
Frank R Sites, CLU
Redwood Credit Union
Robbins Financial Strategies
 McDonald Leavitt Insurance
Caitlyn Anderson, State Farm Ins.
Chad Allen, State Farm Ins
Anea Kamahele, State Farm Ins.
Andy Esquivel, State Farm Ins.
Brandt Insurance
Farmers Insurance Cantua Agency
Cattlemens Steak House
Cafe Zazzle
Great China
JOJO Sushi
Willie Byrd's
Union Hotel Restaurant
Carolo's Country Kitchen
Stout Brother's Irish Pub
Kirin Restaurant
Ting Hau Restaurant
John Ash & Co.
Lita's Cafe
Sea Thai Bistro
Zazu Restaurant & Farm
Taqueria El Rodeo
Monti's Rotisserie Bar
Ca' Bianca Italian Restaurant
Bruno's on Fourth
Norm's Kitchen
Terrace Grill
Thai House
Dr. Albery Kasti
George A Aiken
Richard Zimmer, PhD
Steven Keram, MD
Malcom Miller, PhD
Heather Stone, PhD
Dr. Beth Anne Wanamaker
Peggy O' Toole
Lawrence Psychological Services
Gail Gonick-Hallows, MA
Laura Doty, PhD
Gloria Diane Speicher, PhD
Mark F Eisnitz, PhD
Dr. Jeffrey Kahn

Statewide, California

Valley Rod & Gun
Bob's Bait Bucket
Six Star Tackle Box
Eastman Lake
Hensley Lake Hidden Dam
Monte Smith
Gary Vella
North Fork Marina
Sierra Sporting Goods
Sequoia Fishing Co.
Glory Hole Sports
John Liechty
Xperience Fishing Guide Service
Roger George
Coyote Bait & Tackle
Todd Wittwer
Randy Pringle
Mike Gravert
Vince Borges
J D Richey
Lake Nacimiento
Lake SanAntonio Marina
Central Coast Bass Fishing
Bulldog Construction
Heritage Construction
Laid Rite Carpet Service
David Sida
Central Valley Overhead
Big Valley Garage Door
All Valley Construction
Kim Construction
Goode Plumbing

San Francisco/Bay Area, California

Sterck Kulik O'Neill Accounting
Bragg Plumbing & Heating
Kelly's Appliance Ctr.
Martin & Harris Appliances
Asien's Appliance's Inc.
Thorsson's Auto Ctr.
Infiniti of Marin
Toyota of Marin
Reliable Glass
Penzoil 10 Minute Oil Change
Novata Auto Service
All Auto's Inc.
MSI Automotive
Japan Auto Repair Inc.
Collie Autoworks
Awnco Retractables
Merritt-Nelson Custom Builders
North Coast Carpet Care Inc.
City Carpets
Rafael Floors, Abbey Carpet Ctr.
Best Chimney Sweep
North Coast Remodeling
Baldenebro Construction
LW Construction & Handyman Svcs
Cullen Construction & Reconstruction
BB & B Builders Inc.
DC Tile & Stone
Thomas A Daly Construction
Farrar Construction
Pacific Circle Inc.
Deckmaster Fine Decks Inc.
Westward Builders Inc.
Michael B Mayock Inc
Integrity EWnectric Inc.
Greenwood Electric Inc.
Reyff Electric Inc.
Marin Fencing Inc.
Door pros
Old Town Glass
ABS Home Pro
Superior Seamless Gutter
TLC Construction Services
FC Remodeling
Advanced Instruments Hearing Aid Ctr.
Kelly Plumbing & Heating
RH Hydronics
Hassler Heating & Air Conditioning
Goodman Building Supply
High Definition Design
SonoMarin Cleaning Services
Right Hand Maid Services
Molly Maid Of Marin & West Contra Costa County
Good & Clean Inc.
Mitchell & Mitchell Inc.
Vantero Insurance Brokerage
Golden Restoration & Construction
Merritt-Nelson Custom Builders
Gold Hammer Construction
Kapranos Construction
Kitchens By Ken Ryan Inc.
Atlas Landscapes
Reilly Designs
Black Diamond Paver Stones & Landscape Inc.
AC Electric
Northbay Environmental Inc.
Main Street Moving & Storage
Johnson & Daly Moving & Storage
Earl Farnsworth Express
Mt. Tam Optemetric Center
Stroke & Kote Painting
EGI Custom Painting