​Sept 2017 - CSH MEDICAL (Previous patient of Dr. Sudeep Singh, M.D., reference Fact Blog entry #21) Age 73. Came to CSH in 2006. Has been previously diagnosed and surgically treated 10 years ago for sinus polyps. Following a recurrence he was seen by ENT specialist and treated with anti-inflammatory injections. After one year, he could no longer breathe through his nose or exercise and was referred to Dr. Sudeep Singh who diagnosed swollen polyps due to allergies found in the CSH environment.  Dr. Sudeep Singh provided weekly injections which provided relief to Norman.  He also states that the Office of Patients Rights at CSH "is a joke" and does not advocate for patients to the CSH administration on behalf of patients.



Patient "Richard K"
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Patient Recordings (Medical)

This section contains recordings of statements made by various CSH patients concerning their experiences with medical treatment and medical transportation issues. These recordings were made over telephone conference lines and each patient gave his consent for being recorded.  

This collection represents a portion of what is present in the recording archives.

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​Sept 2017 - CSH MEDICAL  (Previous patient of Dr. Sudeep Singh, M.D., reference Fact Blog entry #21) Came to CSH in 2006. Has a long history of allergies, including his time in prison. Never found relief until he met Dr. Sudeep Singh who diagnosed food allergies and began giving Erick weekly injections. However, the hospital dietitians refused implement the dietary recommendations or believe that Dr. Sudeep Singh knew what he was doing. Instead, they ordered Erick to have the RAST blood test (discussed in Fact Blog #21).  Because the RAST blood test came back negative, they dismissed Dr. Sudeep's findings that Erick had any food allergies.  Erick also speaks about the fact that he believes the Office of Patients Rights' "is a joke" and does not communicate with patients properly.

Patient "Norman B"
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Patient "Sam C"
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Patient "Norman H"
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Patient "Matthew S"
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Patient "Lawrence L"
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​Sept 2017 - CDCR Transportation Richard K is 54 years old. Came to CSH in 2007. On May 18, 2016, filed form SOC-341 "Abuse Complaint" against CDCR officers stating that he was shoved into  the back of a patrol vehicle tearing a tube from his body which was there to drain fluid from a gall bladder surgery. On September 16, 2017, he States that CDCR officers forced into a kennel type van, tiny middle compartment, that he did not fit into due to his size (324 lbs), with no ventilation and excessive heat.

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​Sept 2017 - CDCR Transportation Sam C is 66 years old and has been at CSH since 2012.  He goes out to medical approximate every three months due to many health problems.  He has gone on several medical transportations without air conditioning in temperatures ranging from 90° to 110°+.  He describes on transportation in particular where, for two hours, he states feeling that he was literally going to die due to the heat (no air conditioning) and lack of water.  He describes being mistreated by some of the CDCR Transportation officers.  He also talks about other patients at CSH being afraid to go out to their medical appointments because of the conditions that are known with the transportation provided by CDCR.  

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​Sept 2017 - CSH MEDICAL  (Previous patient of Dr. Sudeep Singh, M.D., reference Fact Blog entry #21) Age 54. Came to  CSH in 2009. Has had extremely severe allergies for years which were uncontrolled, misunderstood, and misdiagnosed, leading to numerous medical complications requiring antibiotics to treat. Was diagnosed by Dr. Sudeep Singh as being allergic to dust mites, mold, pollen's, grasses, onions, chocolate, poultry, and coffee.  Dr. Singh began to treat him with weekly injections, medications, and recommended dietary changes. Norman states the hospital dietitian, Cynthia Maynard, refused to honor Dr. Sudeep Singh's recommendations to modify his diet on the basis that he allegedly did not know what he was doing.  However, Norman's Primary Care Provider disagreed with Cynthia Maynard and ordered that Dr. Sudeep Singh's recommendations be honored.  Norman immediately saw dramatic improvement in his medical condition and his quality of life. He has been able to breathe again, his infections have abated, and he is extremely distressed at the loss of Dr. Sudeep Singh as his care provider.

Patient "Erick A"
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Oct  2017 - CSH MEDICAL  Age 62. Came to CSH in 2009. Larry has worked on the medical unit as a volunteer for 2 years and describes abuse and neglect such as call bells over and over not being answered, patients needing to yell out for help and being scolded by staff that they are not the only patient on the unit, or "knock it off - wait your turn,"  being left unattended in wheelchairs for extended periods of time, left drooling unattended, bed sheets not being changed, trash not being emptied, bed ridden patients being ignored by recreational therapists, one-to-one staff members ignoring their charges, urinals not being emptied, and floors not being moped. He described seeing urine soaked into floors, staining them, and stinking up patients rooms.  Dirty linen in piles in patient rooms for them to trip over.  He describes the medical unit as a "mortuary atmosphere."  Visiting hours on the medical unit have been reduced to 3 hours per day and it as the result the peer leadership has not been able to monitor and report on conditions inside the unit.  Larry is calling for a Special Master such as what CDCR had when that state agency had a number of deaths and medical atrocities.  Larry emphasized that the conditions he has described are occurring at the present time.

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Sept 2017 - CDCR Transportation Describes conditions during his frequent transportation to medical appointments that ranged from "extremely uncomfortable" to "almost torturous"; lack of seat-belts; excessive use of chain prisoner restraints (patients are not prisoners); lack of ventilation; compromised (partial) ventilation; lack of opportunity to urinate or defecate; inability to eat (prevented by waist-chains); heat exhaustion; hostility by CDCR Transportation officers; officers tailgating other vehicles; officers speeding; unsafe passing of vehicles on two-lane highways; officers making side-trips to restaurants and eating fast-food in front of patients, etc.

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